No Pick Up at the Wood Lumber Millwork Showroom on Thursday, March 22. 
Instead, please join us at the Book Plates Tea benefiting Eight Cousins Literacy Projects. 
Thursday, March 22, 4-6 pm
Falmouth Jewish Congregation
7 Hatchville Rd
Co-Sponsored by Falmouth Jewish Congregation and Waquoit Congregational Church
Supported by Bean & Cod, Molly's Tea Room, Pies a la Mode, and other local businesses


March 2018: Book Plates, A Community Tea Party

This week at Eight Cousins . . .
I lived in the United Kingdom for seven years. A couple weeks after the flood, I felt a little nostalgia when I realized that not one person had offered me tea. Don't get me wrong! People have been amazing with offers of help including bringing food while we cleaned out the office and offers of dinners in and dinners out. But there is just something about being handed a cup of tea when it feels like your world is in chaos. 
When Pamela Rothstein and Nell Fields reached out and said they wanted to do a tea for Eight Cousins, I was excited (and still am!) for many reasons. First, working with Pamela and Nell is always a delight. Second, a tea allows us something that all of us at Eight Cousins have been missing: the chance to chat with all of you. Third, we are thrilled for any opportunity to bring attention to literacy and cultural literacy programs that we believe are necessary in a thriving, civically minded, socially engaged, critical thinking community. Finally, I'm very much looking forward to having a cup of tea. 
All donations from the Book Plates tea will benefit Eight Cousins Literacy Projects, such as our annual Giving Tree, Books for Babies programs, developing a social justice library with No Place for Hate, and other community-driven literacy projects. 
We hope you will be able to join us. We need to hear what you've been doing, how you fared in the storm, what you've been reading. We look forward to sharing our most recent store updates. We are delighted at the opportunity to highlight and publicly thank our community partners and fellow literacy advocates. We want to hear your ideas for future literacy, reading, and book projects in Falmouth.
~ Eight Cousins
PS We will *not* have our normal pick up time at the Wood Lumber Millwork Showroom on Thursday, March 22. Please find us at the Book Plates Tea instead!

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