June 2, 2020
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4 x Eight for Kids and YA


Black is a Rainbow Color is a celebration of community, history, and culture narrated through Angela Joy's powerful words and Ekua Holmes's stunning illustrations. Stamped provides history, context, and vocabulary for talking about racism and antiracism with middle-schoolers. As always, everything Jason Reynolds touches is poetic, powerful, and amazing. The use of typography and layout to create meaning and engage readers is fascinating. If you want to hear his and Ibram X. Kendi's own words about their intents and hopes, check out this short interview. Jewel Parker Rhodes has a phenomenal ability to tackle tough topics in accessible ways. Like Towers Falling and Ghost Boys, her latest book Black Brother, Black Brother contains a potent message delivered in a beautiful and stunning story. Finally, A Phoenix First Must Burn is a collection of fantasy and speculative fiction short stories, edited by Patrice Caldwell. The collection contains an impressive range of stories from today's amazing YA writers.

Lindsay's Paperback Picks

Lindsay, our history enthusiast, prefers books that take place prior to 1950.

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