January 2015 vol. 1

Sara Hines, Carol Chittenden, Eileen Miskell, and Mary Fran Buckley


Dear Eight Cousins' Friends,


I am very happy to be part of the new ownership team at Eight Cousins. I join very experienced literary professionals, Sara Hines and Mary Fran Buckley, on this adventure effective January 1, 2015.


Like many of you, Eight Cousins has been a part my life for many years. My husband, Dana, and I returned to Falmouth in 1986 to manage the Miskell Family business, Wood Lumber Company. Very soon after being back in town our two children, Brian and Bridget, were born. Eight Cousins became "the place" for building our children's library and love of reading. We attended many story hours and events at Eight Cousins over the years. And of course, led by Carol Chittenden, the staff always has a recommendation for the reader on our list.


So what does a lumber yard owner bring to this team? Well, there are very many similarities in our two businesses. The first is in the people we employ. Customer service is key to the success of small, retail businesses. Our customers return again and again because they are met by knowledgeable and friendly staff. Providing fair wages, benefits and positive work environment are central in ensuring an engaged and professional staff.


My experience running a small business will provide help with IT, bookkeeping, and strategic planning. All the behind the scenes things! Although I may learn to gift wrap. With this help, Sara and Mary Fran will have time to make Eight Cousins a center of activity for the community.


We also need you! The future of a small, independent book store is in the hands of the owners AND the customers. We know you have alternatives but we hope you'll visit us often at 189 Main Street, online at www.eightcousins.com, by phone or email. Keep in touch. Tell us what you need for us to be the place you turn to for books for yourself and the readers in your life.


Thank you to Carol and her parents for starting Eight Cousins. We look forward to being on Main Street for many more years carrying on the things that have made Eight Cousins successful in the past.




Eileen Miskell





I am so excited to be one of the new owners of Eight Cousins! I have always been an avid reader--I can't imagine not having a book in progress, stacks of books on my nightstand. Being in a bookstore, surrounded by old friends and exciting new prospects, is heaven. There are few things I enjoy more than connecting customers to one of my favorite authors or matching their interests with the appropriate book. For a bookstore is more than a store--it's a place where ideas intersect and friends gather; it is its own community in addition to being so important to the community. 





From the very beginning, Carol embraced Eight Cousins' role in the community and established the store as one of the cornerstones of a vital downtown Falmouth. The three of us--Sara, Eileen, and I--are enthusiastically continuing Carol's tradition of community involvement. We believe in books, in the importance of reading, and the role that our store will continue to play in the wider Falmouth community. I invite you to join us as we begin the next chapter at Eight Cousins, exploring the world of books and ideas, meeting authors--beloved and new--and sharing our mutual love of reading. You, our customers, have been our mainstay!





Thank you, 




Mary Fran





For the past 2 1/2 years, I have had an amazing time working at Eight Cousins, reading books, continually learning about the publishing industry, getting to know people in Falmouth, talking about books. I see why Carol loves her job so much. 




Eight Cousins started me on the bookselling path 15 years ago when I was a summer employee. My first year I read Gail Carson Levine's Ella Enchanted and Sharon Creech'sWalk Two Moons. I borrowed a few of The Magic Tree House books because I wanted to understand all the rage about the Jack & Annie books. David Wiesner's Tuesday had me in stitches. That summer I re-discovered the amazing world of children's books and I realized that reading, studying, reviewing, selling children's books was a thing that I could do! Between working at various bookstores, pursuing degrees in Literature, editing, reviewing, and teaching, I rarely stray far from children's books. 





Coming back to Eight Cousins, the place that started me on this path, the place that provided much of the reading material from my own childhood, has been a dream since college. I am so grateful to Carol for creating this amazing bookstore and allowing me to be a part of it. I'm delighted that she remembered me telling her (in 1999!) that if she ever decided to sell the store to please let me know. 





Mary Fran, Eileen, and I are all extraordinarily excited about the future of Eight Cousins, because each of us has her own connection to its past. We hope that you will continue to treasure your own memories of Eight Cousins and that you will create new memories with us. 





Happy Reading!











Mary Fran Eileen
Cathy S
Cathy v

The new Brandon Sanderson Alcatraz #5
(cover not yet available)





Some of our employees couldn't pick just one book. We are also excited about . . .