November 2014

Which literary family would you most like to invite over for Thanksgiving?
I would want to spend my Thanksgiving with the Peters Family from The Seven Silly Eaters. I hope we'd be having more than pink birthday cake! ~ Tildy
For my Thanksgiving literary family I'd like to join Buddy and his old maid cousin/best friend Miss Sook in rural Alabama from Truman Capote's The Thanksgiving Visitor-- it'd be fun to be there when the school bully, Odd Henderson (Buddy refers to him as "the meanest human creature in my experience") gets invited! ~ Cathy
This year, I would like to have my Thanksgiving meal with the Penderwick family, because I think it would be a day full of fun and laughter, and because I think Lola would have great fun playing with the four Penderwick sisters.
~ Tasha

I'm torn between wanting to spend the day with the Greene family to hear all the stories about Jackson's grandfather's cons, the Fletchers, because the mayhem would be hilarious to watch, or the Austins, because they always have such great dinner conversations about art, literature, music, and philosophy. ~ Sara
Instead of having guests over for Thanksgiving, I would like to time travel to the Alaskan wilderness of 1920 and join Mabel and Jack from the Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey in their horse and buggy ride to the homestead of their neighbors Esther and George for the ultimate locavore meal of freshly killed turkey with a savory relish made from wild foraged cranberries, root vegetables and Walnut Pie and Dried Apple Pie (made by Mabel). The untidy house would be full of laughter with a hint of magic in the air.
~ Cathy v
My Thanksgiving guests aren't literary characters, however they were concerned with words and freedom of expression, plus--they were authors. I want to have Ben Bradlee and Katherine Graham at my table to spark political discussion and comment on the downward direction our political process seems to be taking. Because my grandchildren will also be at the table, we'll have to restrain Ben Bradlee somewhat... But what a good time! How I miss D.C.! ~ Mary Fran
I'd like to share Thanksgiving dinner with Yoko Kawashima Watkins and her family. And, lucky me, I will be doing just that! ~ Carol
My literary family would be the family in Shirley Jackson's book Life Among the Savages. I don't think I need to explain this one. I'd be the mother. She was the ultimate slacker mom -- the mother of all slacker moms! ~ Lysbeth
Jack, Annie, and Merlin because they have a tree house filled with magic books so we could go back in time to celebrate the first Thanksgiving, and then spend the rest of the day traveling to a bunch of other times and places. ~ Julien
The literary family with whom I would like to spend Thanksgiving is the Weasley family from Harry Potter. For most of the series they seem like such a happy, loving family, and that is exactly the kind of family in which one would enjoy a holiday (especially with the twins' antics to keep things interesting)! ~ Rebecca

The first family that comes to mind is the Borrowers. Their world felt so magical to me when I was a kid.
~ Lindsay