Who's Training Whom?: Six Easy Lessons to Put Any Dog Owner Back in the Driver's Seat and in Control of Their Dog. (Hardcover)

Who's Training Whom?: Six Easy Lessons to Put Any Dog Owner Back in the Driver's Seat and in Control of Their Dog. Cover Image
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South Florida's renowned Dog Trainer CARLOS PUENTES shares his real life experiences and proven techniques that will put you back in the driver's seat and in control of your dog. He will show you how to counteract behavior problems by using Basic Obedience Commands. No more pulling you down the street if your dog has learned to Heel by your side or acting aggressively if he has to go Down and Stay. He won't jump up on you or guests if he obeys Sit and Stay. Put an end to running after your dog if he really has learned to come.

But these things can only come to be if YOU really are training your dog. Carlos Puentes takes you step by step through proper obedience training, which has helped several dog owners solve many of their dog problems for over 14 years. The Author cautions readers at the specific moments when most dog owners fall short of training their dogs and raises the question when necessary Who's Training Whom?

He's trained dogs for top notch executives, celebrities and professional athletes including Major League Baseball players Bobby Estalella of the San Fransisco Giants and Magglio Ordonez of the 2006 American League Champions Dertoit Tigers, John Casablancas owner of world renowned John Casablancas Modeling Agency, Fernando Arau the host of the national morning TV show Diespierta America on Telemundo. Just to name a few.

By the time you finish reading this book the answer to the books title Who's Training Whom? will clearly be: YOU training your dog

"Thank you for making my dog which was semi/nuts into the best and obedient dog I could have ever imagined. Thanks to you myself, my wife and baby will be able to enjoy without worry .The training was the best, explained and taught thoroughly. Thank you so much Bobby."
-Bobby Estalella
Major League Baseball Player
San Fransisco Giants

"Working with Carlos to prepare our puppy Valentine to become part of our family, has been a great experience. Mr. Puentes showed a lot of patience with us humans who have such a problem understanding that we must learn discipline, if we want our pets to behave "
-John Casablanca
John Casablanca's Modeling

If being around you is a positive experience for your dog and she connects it with her name, she will come when you call her. This pet owner got an instant result, but he was teaching his German Shepherd the wrong lesson. The lesson taught was to fear him. Sometimes owners confuse respect with fear.

About the Author

Carlos Puentes is the owner and founder of K-9 Solutions, Inc. a professional Dog Training Service. He is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) a world wide association dedicated to building better trainers through education and seminars. Carlos Puentes has successfully trained several hundred dogs including a variety of breeds and is sought after as a public speaker, a columnist, and for interviews on the subject of dog training. His love for dogs has made bringing people and dogs closer together through dog training?A lifetime endeavor. He lives in Miami.
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