Soothe Your Nerves: The Black Woman's Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety, Panic, and Fearz (Paperback)

Soothe Your Nerves: The Black Woman's Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety, Panic, and Fearz By Angela Neal-Barnett, Ph.D. Cover Image

Soothe Your Nerves: The Black Woman's Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety, Panic, and Fearz (Paperback)


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Do you or someone you love suffer from "bad nerves"?

•Denise is constantly on edge. She's convinced something bad is going to happen.
•Ruth will drive an hour out of her way to avoid driving over a bridge. When she has to do it, her chest thumps, her heart starts racing, and she breaks out in a sweat. She's beginning to think she shouldn't leave her house.
•Bernice hasn't slept in two months for fear that the witch is going to ride her again.

What do these women have in common? They are struggling with crippling anxiety disorders.
Thousands of Black women suffer from anxiety. What's worse is that many of us have been raised to believe we are Strong Black Women and that seeking help shows weakness. So we often turn to dangerous quick fixes that only exacerbate the problem -- like overeating and drug and alcohol abuse -- or we deny that we have problems at all.
In Soothe Your Nerves, Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett explains which factors can contribute to anxiety, panic, and fear in Black women and offers a range of healing methods that will help you or a loved one reclaim your life.
Here finally is a blueprint for understanding and overcoming anxiety from a psychological, spiritual, and Black perspective.
Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett is an award-winning psychologist and a faculty member at Kent State University, where she directs the Program for Research on Anxiety Disorders among African Americans. She is also the founder and CEO of RISE, SALLY, RISE®, a company dedicated to helping Black women deal with anxiety. She lives in Tallmadge, Ohio, with her husband and daughter.
Product Details ISBN: 9780743225380
ISBN-10: 0743225384
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2003
Pages: 224
Language: English
Gail Elizabeth Wyatt, Ph.D. author of Stolen Women: Reclaiming Our Sexuality, Taking Back Our Lives This is a book for everyone. Let the healing begin.

Julia A. Boyd psychotherapist and author of Can I Get a Witness? Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett's wisdom, direction, and practical techniques for addressing and managing anxiety, panic, and fear are right on time for a nation of Black women who are sick and tired of being sick, tired, and afraid. Soothe Your Nerves will be a must-have on my clients' resource reading guide. Dr. Neal-Barnett helps to shatter the old myths of what it means to be a strong Black woman while giving us encouraging wisdom on being today's healthy Black woman. Thanks so much for your wisdom.

Gail Elizabeth Wyatt, Ph.D. author of Stolen Women: Reclaiming Our Sexuality, Taking Back Our Lives and coauthor of No More Clueless Sex: Ten Sexual Secrets that Can Work for Both of You Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett uncovers a much ignored problem and identifies strategies for healing the effects of anxiety on women's lives. This is a book for everyone. There are few psychologists who can tell the stories of those who have suffered from anxiety disorders. Dr. Neal-Barnett speaks for others as no one else can. Let the healing begin.

Dr. Jeff Gardere television and radio host author of Love Prescription Soothe Your Nerves addresses the major "invisible" health issues for women of color: anxiety, panic, and fear! Dr. Barnett provides a comprehensive explanation, in laymen's terms, of the causes and predisposing factors of these emotional conditions and their destructive effects on Black women. She offers self-help exercises and commonsense, workable solutions that range from conventional medicine to holistic and spiritual treatments. A must-read for women, men, and treatment professionals, Soothe Your Nerves offers hope and healing, which will invariably result in the empowerment of Black women in all aspects of their lives.

Renita J. Weems, Ph.D. author of Showing Mary and Just a Sister Away The sin and shame is not in suffering from an anxiety disorder. The sin and shame is in failing to call it what it is and in not getting the help we need and deserve as African-American women. Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett helps us face our disorders and shows us where to turn for help.

Anita Bunkley author of Mirrored Life Soothe Your Nerves by Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett is a must-read for all women of color. The information is extremely valuable and presented in a manner that allows Dr. Neal-Barnett's message to hit home. Even if you don't suffer from "nerves," you need to read this book and become better informed about the conditions that may affect the well-being of the women in your life.

Yvonne Pointer-Triplet author of Behind the Death of a Child As a Community Activist, primarily in the African-American community, I witness many women who unfortunately carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. In Soothe Your Nerves, Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett has provided us with the key that will unlock the shackles of pressure. By defining our anxieties, we can realize that we no longer have to buy the bacon and fry it up in a pan. We are free at last!