Oceanology: The Secrets of the Sea Revealed (Hardcover)

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Leafing through the pages of Oceanology is a virtual dive into a world about which many of us know so little. Stunning photographs explore the depths of the oceans, coral reefs, estuaries, salt marshes, and beaches with their land-based inhabitants. Vivid color illustrations provide up-close images of land and sea creatures. In the foreword, naturalist Chris Packham writes of Oceanology: “So here is an opportunity to meet . . . the extraordinary diversity of miraculous life that has evolved in the oceans.” After exploring this world, we may be inspired to heed Packham’s advice: “There has never been a more important time to immerse ourselves in the wonder of the briny world and thus learn to love and protect it . . . Dive in and stand up for our oceans.” 

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Dive into this uniquely elegant visual exploration of the sea

An informative and utterly beautiful introduction to marine life and the ocean environment, Oceanology brings the riches of the underwater world onto the printed page.

Astounding photography reveals an abundance of life, from microscopic plankton to great whales, seaweed to starfish. Published in association with the Smithsonian Institution, the book explores every corner of the oceans, from coral reefs and mangrove swamps to deep ocean trenches.

Along the way, and with the help of clear, simple illustrations, it explains how life has adapted to the marine environment, revealing for example how a stonefish delivers its lethal venom and how a sponge sustains itself by sifting food from passing currents. It also examines the physical forces and processes that shape the oceans, from global circulation systems and tides to undersea volcanoes and tsunamis.

To most of us, the marine world is out of reach. But with the help of photography and the latest technology, Oceanology brings us up close to animals, plants, and other living things that inhabit a fantastic and almost incomprehensibly beautiful other dimension.

About the Author

Maya Plass (consultant) 
A lifelong passion for natural history and the great outdoors led Maya to pursue a career in marine biology. After a BSc in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology, followed by an MSc in Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Maya worked as a project officer as she developed sustainable coastal management projects, then set up her own marine education business - Learn To Sea. She is a regular guest presenter on the BBC's Springwatch, Autumnwatch, and Coast and is author of the RSPB Handbook of the Seashore (2013). She is a patron of three marine conservation charities - Sea-changers, MARINElife, and The Blue Mile. 

Chris Packham (foreword) Is a wildlife tv presenter, author, photographer, and naturalist.
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Publisher: DK
Publication Date: September 29th, 2020
Pages: 416
Language: English