Indie Writing Advice: A Simple Guide on Writing and Optimizing Your Social Media Platform (Paperback)

Indie Writing Advice: A Simple Guide on Writing and Optimizing Your Social Media Platform By Denice Shaw Cover Image
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Publishing a book today isn't just about writing. With the turbulent industry we all need to establish our platform, mostly on our own, and before our book hits the shelves.In my experience with self publishing six books, I've learned many things from others and independently. This book outlines all the useful tips, advice and awareness that I've picked up along my writing journey.Here's what you'll find in this book: -Being a writer is easy, right?-Your first book, is it all about ego?-Subsidy publishing; friend or foe?-Character development: letting your baby go-Let your readers fall in love with your character, not your plot-Tips on how to write an honest book review-How to write a crappy book-10 common mistakes made in your first draft-Do you like weak blogs or strong blogs?-If you wouldn't read it to your mother, would you read it yourself?-15 Tips for the First Day of Your KDP Select FREE Promotion-5 More Tips to Make the Best out of Your KDP Select FREE Promotion Days-My Kindle FREE promotion is what?-Should you help promote a book you haven't read?-Are you actually reading other people's blog posts?-What is your literary lifeline?-To join KDP Select or not...that is the question-The writer/reader: a Jekyll and Hyde character-What if readers don't use the 'Look Inside' feature?-Book sales hit a slump?-How to tweet your book-5 easy steps-Places to market your book for free or minimum cost-How important are reviews and likes anyway?-How to come up with book ideas-Don't get stuck in the promotional time warp.
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Publication Date: May 9th, 2013
Pages: 62
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