Abuelita's Secret Matzahs (Paperback)

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"Abuelita's Secret Matzahs" tells the fascinating and little-known story of the Cryptojews, while illustrating the universal importance of faith for people of all religious denominations. Jacobo loves to visit his abuelita, his grandmother, especially at Easter time. But Abuelita has a big secret. During semana santa, Holy Week, his grandmother never makes bread, only tortillas made without yeast. She never eats pork, and she lights two candles on Friday nights. But whenever Jacobo asks her questions, she answers, "Ah, mijito, my child, it is the way of our family." One day, Abuelita is finally ready to share her secret. "Sit with me on the porch. It is time to tell you the secret of our family . . .
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ISBN: 9781578601776
ISBN-10: 1578601770
Publisher: Clerisy Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2005
Pages: 32
Language: English