Nicholas: A Massachusetts Tale (Hardcover)

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To a small field mouse from Massachusetts, family is everything A lovely leather journal chronicles all the important events of his family's history. When the journal is destroyed in a flood, Nicholas will set off across the state of Massachusetts in search of his uncle and a copy of the precious book. Along the way, he ll meet many friends and explore the many diverse areas that make up Massachusettsthe Berkshire Mountains, Quabbin reservation, Wachusetts, Gloucester, Boston, Plymouth, and finally Martha's Vineyard.
Book One in a four-book series about Nicholas's adventures in the Northeast.

About the Author

Peter Arenstam was born on a farm in western Massachusetts but grew up on the coast in historic Plymouth. He received a bachelor s degree in philosophy from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, and apprenticed at the Maine Maritime Museum where he became an instructor and boat builder. Currently, Peter manages the Maritime Artisans at Plimoth Plantation where he oversees the reproduction ship Mayflower II. His writings include numerous magazine articles on nautical history and the children s book "Felix and His Mayflower II Adventures." Peter lives near the ocean in Plymouth with his wife Susan and their two daughters, Hannah and Abby.

Karen Busch Holman left the big city of New York for a quieter life in New Hampshire, but with two sons, a pair of mice, two housecats, a retired racehorse, and a house filled with artwork projects underway, it s hardly quiet!

Karen s earlier work was featured in "G is for Granite: A New Hampshire Alphabet" (Sleeping Bear Press) and its accompanying number book, "Primary Numbers." Her work can be seen on the New Hampshire Heirloom Birth Certificate and throughout the state in support of the Arts Council. Karen works in several mediums, such as pen and ink, oil, pastel, and watercolor, and we hear that she isn t quite as afraid of mice as she used to be."
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ISBN: 9781587265198
ISBN-10: 1587265192
Publisher: Mitten Press
Publication Date: October 5th, 2007
Pages: 152
Language: English