Bhairava-Kali-Dharma: Manifestations of Tantra (Hardcover)

Bhairava-Kali-Dharma: Manifestations of Tantra By Adinath Jayadhar Cover Image
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The "Bhairava-Kali-Dharma: Manifestations of Tantra" book is an encyclopedia of a radically transforming tradition of mysticism and magic of the god Bhairava and the goddess Kali. The book gives an all-embracing overview of this tradition at multiple levels, making it easier for its readers to develop a proper understanding. This work brings them closer to success in practicing the mystical and magical path of Kali and Bhairava and passes the energy of the deities onto those who read it. The book will give a better grasp into what Adinath Jayadhar and Siddheshwari Jayadhar are talking about in their "Abhichara - the Magic of Tantric Mystics and Warlocks".
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ISBN: 9781716256264
ISBN-10: 1716256267
Publication Date: January 13th, 2021
Pages: 572
Language: English