Edges: One Foot Under: Book 3 (Large Print / Paperback)

Edges: One Foot Under: Book 3 By Wynter Sommers Cover Image

Edges: One Foot Under: Book 3 (Large Print / Paperback)


The 2030's reveals the division of the people by ongoing corporate fiefdoms wrestling for absolute power against each other and the rebel AnCors.
During the ongoing clash of classes within Courtly City, the AnCors have absconded with the Courtly City train. All classes of passengers are taken as hostages by the AnCors, including the ruling Courtly family.

The previously safe and comfortable sanctuary of the executive Courtly train has been brutally violated by these AnCors. Innocent people now wonder if their future will be cruelly buried in a shallow grave. Can meaning come from a meaningless disregard for our fellow citizens?

What motivated Percy Snatcher, the leader of this AnCor cell, to take on the risks of hijacking this train? Why would Slash, Percy's loyal companion, follow Percy without question? If this happened to you, if you found yourself caught in this crisis, what would you do to survive?

Product Details ISBN: 9781718400047
ISBN-10: 1718400047
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Pure Force Enterprises, Inc.
Publication Date: February 19th, 2019
Pages: 84
Language: English
Series: Edges