Bantam Chickens. Bantam Chickens as Pets. Bantam Chicken Owner's Manual (Paperback)

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Bantam Chickens are the most popular variety among current chicken owners. These miniature sized chickens are perfect in any urban set up. They are cheaper to maintain and are definitely adorable. They are gentle, docile and easy to tame, making them the perfect options for pet owners. These birds are not exactly the most revered for their egg laying capabilities but there is a lot more to them than that. Most bantam breeds have been perfected to be show quality birds. They have glossy feathers, magnificent tails and even peculiar forms that make them extremely interesting to watch in pet shows. In fact a few of the Bantam breeds are considered to be the most perfectly created chickens. They have set standards for out crossing and artificially creating features and colors that you will not see in any other regular breed. If you are a first time chicken owner, this book is your comprehensive guide to chicken care. Everything that you need to know about the health and proper development of your birds is in this book. This book takes you step by step through various chicken care practises that can be slightly intimidating for first time pet owners. You can read about common issues like feeding, housing and healthcare for backyard chickens. I do hope that this book is as informative as I intended it to be. It is simple and fun to read, I assure you. So, here is wishing you pleasant times with your beloved Bantam chickens. Covered in this book: - History - Bringing your chickens home - Preparing your home - Housing - Fencing - Daily Care - Interacting - Transporting - Managing the eggs - Health and well being - and a lot more.
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ISBN: 9781910410646
ISBN-10: 1910410640
Publisher: Imb Publishing
Publication Date: September 28th, 2014
Pages: 160
Language: English