Censorettes (Paperback)

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Booklist: This refreshingly unusual wartime tale is a testament to female friendship, and its strength lies in its superbly written, fierce and funny heroine, and a well-developed cast of supporting characters.For a young woman of exceptional intelligence and courage, being sequestered from the dangers of WW2 on the idyllic island of Bermuda is maddening. She is determined to get into the fight--then the fight is brought to her. Lucy Barrett is a Censorette, part of a branch of British Intelligence stationed on the island to inspect mail between North America and European nations at war. Determined to contribute in a more substantial way, Lucy uses her Cambridge education and love of Shakespeare to detect a Nazi spy ring operating out of Brooklyn. Just as she is promoted to a dangerous job overseas, her good friend is murdered. Should she embrace her new assignment, or seek justice for her friend?
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ISBN: 9781988754321
ISBN-10: 1988754321
Publisher: Stonehouse Originals
Publication Date: November 5th, 2020
Pages: 324
Language: English