401 Sexual Addiction Affirmations: A Sex Addicts Self Help Meditation Hypnosis (Large Print / Paperback)

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Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts.

Through his years of experience in the sexual recovery industry, David Whitehead has compiled a comprehensive list of 401 positive affirmations that are designed to help anyone re-focus their sexual thoughts and urges. No matter how strong.

"Any time someone is experiencing an urge, no matter how strong, I need them to pick up this book and read these affirmations aloud. If you are still struggling after reading a few, keep going -- I promise that this will help to put everything into perspective" -David Whitehead, Author

As a sex addict, sexual thoughts, romantic fantasies, and seductive planning can fill your mind and distort your thinking. Sex becomes a way to escape your feelings and responsibilities. An important first step is to first admit you are powerless over addictive sexual behavior-that your life has become unmanageable.

You cannot let addiction win.
  1. I am free from sex addiction

  2. Sex addiction will no longer control my life
  3. I am dedicated to overcoming my addiction to sex

  4. I am always in control of my sexual urges
  5. I am no longer seeing others as sex objects
  6. I am living a life free from sex addiction
  7. I am developing a strong will power
  8. I find it easy to say NO to my own sexual urges
  9. I am 100% in control of my own life
  10. I have a healthy attitude towards sex

  11. I forgive myself for what I have done

For most people, sexual fantasies and behaviors are pathways to fun, happiness, and intimate connection. Sexual addicts, on the other hand, use these activities compulsively, and over time they lose control and have to deal with difficult life consequences as a result. Their belief systems, their self-esteem, their relationships suffer, all thanks to their addiction. If you are sexually addicted, or you think that someone you know and care about is sexually addicted, I hope that the affirmations in this book will contribute to the process of recovery, healing and reforming meaningful connections and restoring value to your life.

One day at a time.

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