Prevention, Recognition and Management of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (Hardcover)

Prevention, Recognition and Management of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Cover Image
By Raja A. S. Mukherjee (Editor), Neil Aiton (Editor)
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This book presents clinical assessment and management solutions for those people who are exposed to Alcohol in Pregnancy. Over the last few decades we have begun to understand the enduring effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on the developing fetus. The consequence of prenatal alcohol exposure - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders is a Lifelong disorder and affects children and adults. It is a condition which is significantly under-recognised for many reasons. Assessment and diagnosis requires the input of multiple different professionals, and referral pathways are often poorly developed or non-existent. Information to support and guide these professionals in practical ways, what to do and how to help, remains limited. This book seeks to fill some of that gap by offering professionals, clear and useable research-based information and guidance that will help in their practice whilst also being a useful resource for anyone new to this increasingly recognised area of work.

The book is divided into four broad areas bringing together chapters, authored by experts in their field including those with lived experiences. Part one focuses on presenting an overview of the condition and approaching women about their alcohol use and risk followed but part 2 focusing more around diagnostic issues. Part three follows with management advice and part four, revolves around policy and health prevention in general. Each chapter is designed to offer insight but also practical tips and support in an accessible manner. The book offers an essential guide for a broad range of health and social care professionals working with this condition.

About the Author

Raja Mukherjee: a Consultant Neurodevelopmental Psychiatrist working across ASD, ADHD but more specifically with a special interest in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Has been working in the field for 18 years having set up the first specialist behaviour national referral UK clinic for this syndrome in 2009. He completed his Ph.D. related to FASD in 2014. He is primarily a clinician working and offering specialist neurodevelopmental assessments, leading the team who have now seen over 250 cases, guiding the management of complex behavioural needs in those with FASD. He has given evidence or sat in specialist groups on FASD. For example, the UK All Party Parliamentary Group at the House of Commons and NICE FASD Quality Standard review. He edited the English consensus statement for care pathways related to FASD in the UK and helped establish the newly formed UK FASD research collaborative. He is the UK representative to an international collaboration to define research diagnostic criteria for FASD. He has also published over 50 articles in peer-reviewed publications related to FASD. He is an Honorary Reader in the division of Health and Society at the University of Salford as part of their FASD research group. Dr Neil Aiton is a Consultant Neonatologist in Brighton and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Brighton & Sussex Medical School. He has a specialist interest in perinatal substance misuse and FASD and set up the One Stop Clinic in Brighton in 2002. The One Stop Clinic is a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency clinic for pregnant mothers and their babies when there is associated substance use. From a clinical and research perspective he focusses on early assessment and identification of babies affected by prenatal alcohol exposure. Current research projects include the use of 3D photography (along with colleagues at Oxford University), and the use of trans-fontanelle brain ultrasound to identify early markers of neuronal injury in the newborn period. He, along with colleagues is proud to have instigated the UK FASD Research collaboration in 2019. He has provided advice to NICE and Parliamentary APPG, and was involved in the UK Consensus statement. He also acts as an expert witness in the Family Courts.
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Publication Date: October 1st, 2021
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