How to Help Your Child Overcome Bedwetting (Paperback)

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More than four million children over the age of five wet the bed.

For most, time will solve the problem - eventually.

But how long will "eventually" be, and at what cost to parents' frayed nerves or to the child's self-esteem?

Bedwetting is an involuntary launch of urine in the course of sleep.

Bedwetting is regarded a trouble if the baby is over age 7 and continues to moist the bed two or greater instances a week for three months in a row.

Bedwetting can be handled by means of altering the child's conduct or with a number of medications.

Bed-wetting - additionally referred to as dead night incontinence or nocturnal enuresis - is involuntary urination whilst asleep after the age at which staying dry at night time can be fairly expected.

Soggy sheets and pajamas - and an embarrassed infant - are a acquainted scene in many homes.

But do not despair.

Bed-wetting is not a signal of rest room education long past bad. It's regularly simply a ordinary phase of a kid's development.

Generally, bed-wetting earlier than age 7 isn't always a concern.

At this age, your toddler might also nevertheless be creating midnight bladder control.

If bed-wetting continues, deal with the trouble with endurance and understanding.

Lifestyle changes, bladder training, moisture alarms and occasionally medicinal drug might also assist limit bed-wetting.

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