Get Cooking with Kids: Sweet Savory Recipes to Beat the Boredom (Paperback)

Get Cooking with Kids: Sweet Savory Recipes to Beat the Boredom By Christina Tosch Cover Image

Get Cooking with Kids: Sweet Savory Recipes to Beat the Boredom (Paperback)


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Cooking with kids can be fun. What's more, it's a great opportunity to bond with your offspring and create new family traditions.

Next time, when you're making pizza or baking cupcakes, why not let the kids join in?

Apart from beating boredom, there are some amazing benefits when you get cooking with kids.

For instance, you can help to improve your child's reading and understanding skills.

When cooking with young kids, begin by showing them quantities. You can do this by counting the number of your recipe's ingredients. Alternatively, ask older children to read out and follow recipe directions.

Cooking can also help to improve your child's basic math ability. You can get them to help with measuring ingredients, dividing the dough into portions, or spooning batter evenly into muffin cups.

Simple cooking steps can help kids with their schoolwork too, and stirring, cutting, and rolling can improve motor skills and dexterity. Mixing and combining ingredients is a great way to demonstrate how to apply chemistry and science in everyday life.

Better still, cooking with kids from an early age will help your child become an independent adult who is able to cook confidently for themselves.

Recipes using fresh fruits and veggies can help to promote healthy food choices too while making chilis, curries, pizzas, and more can help them explore different cultures.

Don't waste any extra time you may have on your hands; get cooking with kids and discover 40 sweet and savory recipes to help beat the boredom.
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