Spanish for Beginners: Learn Spanish in 30 Days Without Wasting Time (Hardcover)

Spanish for Beginners: Learn Spanish in 30 Days Without Wasting Time By Cecilia Melero Cover Image

Spanish for Beginners: Learn Spanish in 30 Days Without Wasting Time (Hardcover)


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If you've been trying to learn Spanish but have struggled with online programs or boring textbooks, you've come to the right place...

Are you ready to learn the easy way?

Ready to feel confident speaking this incredible language that boasts over 56 million speakers worldwide?

Let's start with the basics - and learn to converse with Spanish speakers from the ground up. Using our incredibly simple course, you'll discover how to perfect pronunciations and approach real-life situations you'll encounter while traveling - or even in your own country

Divided into ten chapters and building from the ground up, this guide will teach you:

  • The history of the language
  • Its alphabet - almost exactly the same as English
  • How and when to use accents (stressed syllables)
  • Simple and easy-to-remember pronunciation tips
  • How to properly use word order - a little different than English
  • Spanish's unique punctuation differences
  • Meeting and Greeting new friends
  • Where? When? Who? What? Why? Basic questions/answers
  • Conversation guides with your friendly teacher, Julio
  • Traveling and Shopping
  • Culture and Traditions
  • The "difficult" parts made EASY: tenses and verb conjugations
  • Colors, numbers, countries, directions, and more

With Julio as your trusted guide, it's time to glide through Spanish - not suffer through monotonous drills and hard-to-understand explanations You'll be provided with true-to-life conversations and quizzes designed to help you remember the concepts you've learned.

Tired of the frustrating classes that only seem to perplex and confuse you? Then pick up this book; you will find yourself conversing easily with other Spanish speakers. V monos (Let's get going )

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Product Details ISBN: 9798887650104
Publisher: Joelan AB
Publication Date: August 30th, 2022
Pages: 198
Language: English