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Book End - Gray

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Book Holders and Reading Rests, Book Lovers' Gifts, Education and Study, Home Office Inspiration, I Sell Books

The key features
Very strong!

Secure grippy feet

Easy wipe clean

One book end per pack

Why we love it
A great solution to bookend retailing. Sold flat to save on precious store space - ‘pops’ up to hold hardback and paperback books securely. Easy wipe clean.


Price: $8.50
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Little Book Holder

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Colors may vary!


Book Holders and Reading Rests, Clever Gifts for Readers, Education and Study, Have Fun Learning, I Sell Books, Smart for Study, The Garden Vacation!

The key features
UK ‘Gift of the Year’ awarded

Holds open paperbacks and hardbacks

Small for pocket or bag

Read hands-free - great for study

Price: $5.50
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