Community Organization Books

To Falmouth Schools and Non-Profit Organizations,

We love partnering with schools and community organizations who have published books and are interested in selling them as a fundraiser. 

Please read the following guidelines and then contact Sara ( to make an appointment. 


1) Please consider involving us early in the process. As Falmouth's only bookstore, we are uniquely positioned to share expert advice about all aspects of the book cycle including editing, layout/design, printing, pricing, distributing, marketing, and selling. 

2) We are unable to order and/or sell books published via CreateSpace or any other Amazon affiliate. We ARE able to suggest alternatives.

3) If your organization is selling books for a non-profit fundraiser, we will provide store space for display purposes and staff for processing sales. Any credit card fees incurred by Eight Cousins for the transaction will be paid by Eight Cousins 

4) Eight Cousins (logo available HERE) must be listed as one of your sponsors in all of your digitial and print marketing materials for this book.

5) Please inform your membership/subscribers that the book is available for purchase at Eight Cousins. 

6) Consider being strategic about where your book is available for purchase. We recommend limiting availablility to ONE location in the Falmouth communities: Woods Hole, Falmouth Village, East Falmouth, West Falmouth, North Falmouth, Teaticket, Hatchville, Waquoit.

7) Please do not drop off copies of the book at the store without making an appointment. At the appointment, we will review the guidelines and answer your specific questions.

8) Please consider leaving a sample copy for customers to view, especially if your book is shrink-wrapped. 

9) While we will feature your book either on display or face-out in the Local section, specific display spots are not guaranteed and we may move your book to various locations around the store as appropriate. 

10) We will write a check to the organization (or designated representative) for books sold upon reorder or after 5 copies are sold.

11) Unsold copies belong to the organization and can be claimed at any time. Please email to make arrangements for pick up. 


Please email to make an appointment.

Thank you!

~ Eight Cousins