Education Services

Teacher Gold Star Club

We are well aware that many teachers subsidize their classrooms very generously from their own pockets. Our Gold Star Teachers program offers an effective 10% discount: when a teacher spends $100, she/he receives a $10 credit toward future purchases. Posters, pre-publication book samples, and other supporting materials are available with each purchase. Ask at the counter for details.

We are happy to consult by appointment to help teachers identify the best books to support a specific need or curriculum unit, and we hold periodic Teacher Appreciation Weekend events, with workshops, refreshments, gifts, and other activities to make an important, demanding job a bit easier.

School Discounts
School purchase orders come to us from many different districts, and we fill them as promptly as possible, often with extensive consultation about the best books to use. We extend to schools, public libraries and licensed day care facilities a 15% discount with payment in 30 days.

Author Visits

Teachers who wish to introduce their students to authors may wish to discuss with us the possibility of bringing an author to their school, classroom, or media center.
We have many connections in the publishing world, and are often able to route
outstanding writers into schools where they ignite enthusiasm about a book, about
writing, or about a body of work.

Teacher Newsletter

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Book Fairs

Book Fairs are an excellent way to expose children to a variety of books.

We can help organize book fairs with a limited number of area schools, and make every effort to tailor the fair to the schools needs and preferences. Please call us if you would like to explore this option.

Often a better option is an in-store book fair, which we call Book Days. With this approach, we prepare coupons for members of your group and set dates for their use, including extra evening hours if desired. During those days, anyone who shows the coupon when making a purchase has a percentage of the total purchase contributed to the school or organization. This allows your group to shop the full range of our collection, and saves the time, wear, and tear of moving boxes of books over hill and down dale.