February 2019: Books with Heart

February 2019

Books with Heart

There are books that are biographies, books about history and sports, cookbooks and "how-to" books, mysteries and science fiction. Then there are the books that tug at our hearts and stay with us after we've closed the covers. These are the books that explore the human condition, relationships (not necessarily romantic), as well as the human-animal connection. 
In celebrating Valentine's Day in this broader context, the Eight Cousins staff has selected books they believe have "heart."
Hearts Unbroken, by Cynthia Leitich Smith, is about fighting for what you believe in and admitting when you're wrong. With engaging characters and relatable struggles, this fantastic book manages to be simultaneously smart, sexy, thought-provoking, and romantic. A good February combination.
from Sara
Almost SistersAlmost Sisters, by Joshilyn Jackson, starts with Leia, a 38-year-old graphic novelist leaving her home in Norfolk, Virginia, to help with her 90-year-old grandmother in Alabama. Leia's grandmother is showing signs of dementia and has acted out at church on Sunday. Word travels back to Leia and she is worried about her grandmother's future. Southern family stories are one of my favorite settings for a nice but usually emotionally complicated, read. from Eileen
from Tasha
Soul of an Octopus
from Lindsay
from Lindsay
from Joanne
News of the World In News of the World, Captain Kidd, a Civil War veteran and paid news reader, is hired to bring a recently ransomed young girl to her relatives. Johanna, who only knows the Kiowa language, is a difficult passenger, yet as their dangerous 400-mile journey unfolds, an amazing bond develops between Johanna and Capt. Kidd, a bond that results in a surprising decision at the end of the book. from Mary Fran
Housekeeper The Housekeeper and the Professor
explores the relationship between a mathematics professor with severe memory impairment and a single mother hired to care for him. She and her son are drawn into the professor's world and the sheer genius of the mathematics still stored in his brain. Over time, the relationship among the three deepens and the trio forms a strong familial bond. Yaku Ogawa, in simple, lyrical prose, has redefined our perception of family. from Mary Fran

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New on Our Shelves

Hedy Lemarr gained fame and notoriety as one of Hollywood's glamorous screen actresses in the 1940s and 1950s. Thanks to Marie Benedict's novel, another side of the actress is revealed: she had a brilliant scientific mind and an idea that could help the Allies defeat the Nazis. 


However, no one would believe that this beauty invented groundbreaking technology that revolutionized modern communication.


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The Only Woman in the Room

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Clinical psychologist and author Mary Pipher provides a road map for women as they face the challenges of ageism, sexism, and loss. As she enters her 70s, Pipher notes that "If we can keep our wits about us, think clearly, and manage our emotions skillfully, we will experience a joyous time of our lives." 


 Ms. Pipher leads the reader on a journey where the rowing is upstream, but with her guidance the journey is worth the effort!




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