Find Your People

What the critics are saying:

"Crazy, in the best possible way." ~ Tracy M. (Candlewick Press)

"Cuter than a basket of kittens." ~ Stephanie S., PhD (University of Edinburgh)

"Admittedly insane" ~ Matthew O. (URCHIN)

"Fantabulous" ~ Debra L. (Algonquin Books)

"That video is completely insane." ~ Anne

"This. Is. Awesome." ~ Gae Polisner (The Pull of Gravity)

"Exactly the entire motivation to write: to pass on to another the happy elevation from ordinary pain and hassle that books have given me. Whoddathunkit that books can save lives." ~ D. M. Cornish (Foundling)

"It made us happy to be booksellers." ~ Michael (The Scholastic Store)




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