January 9, 2018


Every January for the past three years, we, the three co-owners of Eight Cousins, have written our thoughts and meditations about the upcoming year. The 2018 edition of that newsletter was scheduled to go out on January 10th. 

On January 9th, at 9 am, Sara was the first person to walk into the store. This is what she saw:

With quick calls to Mary Fran and Eileen, as you can imagine the morning was a lot of conversations. We oscillated between "Do this!" and "No, wait! Don't do that!" "Do this!" Clean up? Leave everything alone? No one was sure. Call the insurance company, the landlord, the employees working that day, put a sign on the door, and let the customers know: that much we did know to do. 

Fortunately, the office experienced minimal damage and we started to pack up the servers, hard drives, and other accessories. Write it down. That's always the advice. Write it down. So we did. In a situation like this, it could have been better, but it also could have been worse and one thing that started to emerge is that we were prepared. Not for this damage on this day, but for various potential emergencies. As partners, we've had lots of those hard conversations over the years. What do we do if . . . ? Although those conversations are never easy, they are vital. And now we know why. 

We met with our staff Tuesday evening. They were waiting for us at the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce (our emergency meeting point, by the way). At that time, we felt fairly certain that the store was gone, but the business is intact. We couldn't make any promises, instead we asked for time. Give us a couple of days to answer some of the big questions. We've been asking the same thing from our customers and friends in the publishing industry. The outpouring of support has been amazing and we appreciate you giving us that time to think, plan, and grieve.

We understand the cause to be a plumbing malfunction. Whether or not the malfunction was weather related is unknown. Because of the extensive damage happening in this area, we met with the insurance company on Thursday. We've been working with the landlord, the cleaners, the insurance companies, the contractors, and other local businesses. We still have lots of questions, but we're starting to regenerate. As we are located near the ocean, are you now thinking about starfish? 

Friday, January 12, we met with our staff again. We told them what we are telling you. 

We have a goal: Reopen Eight Cousins Books at 189 Main Street, Falmouth, MA 02540 Spring 2018. 

Help us get there. 

Buy a gift card now and use it to shop at Eight Cousins when we reopen.

If you do not live near Falmouth and would like to support the store, consider purchasing a gift card and note that it is for book donations. When we reopen, we will use these gift cards to purchase books and toys for local organizations. 

You can support us by valuing the core ideas that we value. 

Our Mission Statement: 

To share a love and appreciation of books and reading with the wider Falmouth community and to support the continued innovative, educational, diverse, and artistic creations of authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, and booksellers. 

Support us by promoting literacy, reading books, and shopping locally. 

We plan to open our website for online orders. You'll see us around over the next few months. Details to come. 

Thank you Falmouth and the entire publishing industry for supporting Eight Cousins for 31 1/2 years. We look forward to seeing you in person at our reopening bash. 


Mary Fran, Eileen, and Sara

Co-owners, Eight Cousins