March 2018: Lights and Book Plates Tea in photos

March 2018

This week at Eight Cousins . . .
There is light at Eight Cousins. That's not a metaphor. The lights are working. Yes, I knew the electrician was scheduled this week. Even so, when I walked past the store a few nights ago, I was surprised. I was also surprised at how strongly I reacted to seeing light in the store. Light is meaningful. After last week's storm, I think we all feel it. 
This week has been particularly exciting because of our Book Plates Tea with the Falmouth Jewish Congregation and Waquoit Congregational Church. Talk about light. What a treat to see everyone! We hope you enjoyed yourselves, connected with friends, met new people. How gratifying to be in a room full of people who value books, reading, literacy, and cultural literacy. 


At the Book Plates Tea we featured four literacy projects: 


  • The Eight Cousins annual Giving Tree provides books and gifts for Falmouth children during the holidays. 
  • Books for Babies supports literacy programing for children from birth to three years. 
  • No Place for Hate is compiling social justice resources for a community library. 
  • Community-driven initiatives: tell us what literacy and book-based projects you would like to see happening in Falmouth. 
Attendees were given an opportunity to select which projects would receive their entrance donation. The No Place for Hate library, Giving Tree, and Community-driven initiatives were evenly split. Each of these projects will receive books because of you. 
There is, however, clear enthusiasm for Books for Babies programing, which received most of the votes. We look forward to working with our community partners such as the Coalition for Children, Cape Cod Child Development, Falmouth Hospital, and other organizations who know how important early literacy truly is. Read to babies. Light up the world. 
~ Eight Cousins
Thank You!!!

Waquoit Congregational Church

Molly's Tea Room


Peck O'Dirt Farm & Bakery