New Policies

We’re very excited that you have finished your book and that you are interested in placing it in our store. We’ve recently changed our policies for self-published books, so please read all of the information carefully before calling or visiting the store.


As of September 2015, Eight Cousins no longer accepts books on consignment. Instead, we have moved to a more traditional model and we will purchase one copy of eligible books at 60% discount, non-returnable.


What does this mean for you?

First, eligible means that the book and/or author have Cape Cod connections. We will NOT accept books that are mailed to us.

Second, as always we reserve the right to refuse any book that does not align with our store’s mission. If we decide against purchasing your book, it will be available for you to pick up for 30 days, after which it will be donated to the Falmouth Public Library system.

Third, for books that we do choose to purchase, we will send you a check for 60% discount off the retail price of the book within 30 days. This discount is deeper than a consignment discount, but we will consider the books as non-returnable and you will receive a check up front.



If your book sells for $10 at retail, we will send you a check for $4


My book qualifies and I accept the terms! Now what do I do?


  1. Fill out our online submission form. Please note that all of the information must be filled out in full for the submission form to work. BOOKS MUST HAVE AN ISBN!
  2. Drop off ONE copy of your book at Eight Cousins during normal business hours (10 am – 6 pm daily).
  3. Include a printed AND SIGNED copy of the submission form with the book. Please make sure that your mailing address is correct.


If we accept your book, Eight Cousins will

  1. Add your book to our inventory system in the appropriate section.
  2. Mail you a check for 60% off the retail price within 10 days.
  3. Contact you directly if we choose to order more copies of your book. 
  4. Purchase additional copies at 46% discount, returnable.



Please note that marketing and promotion is the responsibility of the author. Future orders will depend on sales and customer demand.


Unfortunately we are not able to arrange events for self-published books. However, if you would like to rent our space for a book launch party, please contact our events coordinator at for pricing and availability.


~ Eight Cousins Bookstore 


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