October 2015

 Favorite scary reads and Halloween-esque books!
The scariest book I have ever read is Stephen King's The Shining, which I read a few years after its publication in 1977. At the time, I was visiting my parents in Falmouth with my two children (under 3 years of age) and without my husband. The only time I could read was at night, after the kids had gone to bed. So there I was, alone in the dark with two babies---and the book just terrified me. However, I also couldn't put it down!
Some years later I went to see the movie, which also was scary. In the movie, the bushes at the rear of the Overlook Hotel, where Jack Torrance and his family are staying, have been configured into a maze. Far creepier to me, in the book: the bushes are topiaries, carved into the shapes of animals that each time Jack's son Danny looked out the window have marched ominously closer to the hotel. On the other hand, no one is able to go slowly insane as well as Jack Nicholson does in the movie.
Second to The Shining is a recently published book, In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. Narrated by Nora, we first meet her in the hospital and know that something terrible has happened. However, neither she nor we can figure out what it is. We are then taken back a short time to what led to a  "hen" weekend (the British equivalent of our bachelorette parties). Nora can't figure out why she had been invited because she hasn't spoken with the bride, Clare, for a number of years. Six people make up the party, which is held in a glass house, out in the woods, with no neighbors close by. Events unfold slowly, with footprints in the snow leading to the house and other unexplained spooky things. The setting of the glass house, where everyone is exposed to whatever is lurking in the woods, adds to the creepy uneasiness I felt as I learned just what had happened to Nora that weekend and 10 years previously. A well-crafted thriller for sure.
~ Mary Fran
I usually avoid reading horror or anything really violent, but I do have a YA pick that I would categorize as scary. Mike Mullins' "Ashfall" is a totally compelling read about a boy faced with an incredibly difficult journey to find his family after an epic disaster -a  supervolcano eruption. What makes this so scary is the science behind it which indicates it's POSSIBLE!!
~ Cathy S
Cathy v
Cathy v Cathy v

I don't really read thrillers or horror either, but thinking back to what books scared me as a child, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble wins hands down. This book terrified me.

~ Sara 

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