Cookbook: Neighborhood Falmouth

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DESCRIPTION: When the pandemic slowed down much of everyday life, Neighborhood Falmouth got busy... putting together the Neighborhood Falmouth Cookbook!  Sales of the book will help Neighborhood Falmouth provide services to members to help them remain safely and comfortably in their homes.

The Neighborhood Falmouth Cookbook has been a labor of love. The outpouring of support from the community has helped the organization include  more than 230 recipes from NF members, volunteers, board of directors, restaurants, local and state elected officials, town leaders and celebrities, and numerous friends of the organization.

If you want to know who makes the best Seafood Enchiladas in Falmouth, the town leader who makes Italian Pizzelles with his children, or the writer who makes Easy Apple Tarts for fundraising events, the NF Cookbook has the answers.

The cookbook is the brainchild of NF Board President Michael Bihari, who in addition to his career in medicine, writing and web development, went to culinary school and opened his own catering company in New York, as well as a “heart healthy” cooking school in Falmouth. Over the years, Dr. Bihari developed many recipes which he hoped to use someday in his own cookbook. Instead he chose to add his recipes to those from the Neighborhood Falmouth community to create the Neighborhood Falmouth Cookbook.