Store Services

Cousins Club

If you shop at Eight Cousins as much as once a year, you may wish to become a member of the Cousins Club. There is no charge: we only request your name, zip code, phone number (which we do not share) and, optionally, your e-mail address. When you sign up, your purchases log into our system, and when you have spent $200.00, the computer issues a $10.00 credit toward future purchases. (Sales tax, gift certificates, and discounted items do not count toward the $100.00.)

Gift Certificates

We offer Gift Cards in any amount. If a Gift Card is lost, don't panic. We have a record of it and how much has been spent. Our Gift Cards do not expire: they're valid as long as we're in business.

When your schedule is hectic, you are welcome to call in orders for Gift Cards and pick them up in a quick stop a few minutes later.

Memory Cache for Grandparents
Because it is often hard to remember what books a child has been given, we maintain files for grandparents and others, showing what they have purchased and for whom. If this service would be helpful to you, just ask.

Giving Tree
The Giving Tree allows you to give the holiday gift of a book to a child who might not otherwise receive any. We cover 15% of the cost, the wrapping and the delivery. All the children's names are given to us by local organizations. Come into the store and select the name and age from under our Tree, choose a gift for that child, and we'll take care of the rest. The Giving Tree has become a tradition for many families, and serves as a gentle introduction to community generosity.

Naturally, books are shipped to the bookstore in boxes, and we take the books out. That leaves plenty of clean, strong boxes looking for a home. If you need boxes, we are happy to have you take them from our supply at the back of the store. If you don't see any, ask. We can probably give you a pretty good idea when more are due in. Most weekdays bring some, and most Tuesdays there are quite a few.