Terms of Agreement


As you yourself are probably aware, the number of self-published books has increased exponentially over the past few years. We appreciate the difficulty of raising awareness about your book, but we can't stress enough how important publicity is for sales. Please review our guidelines and the links that we have provided.

Note: Eight Cousins reserves the right to refuse any book deemed unsuitable for sale in the store.


Eight Cousins will track sales of your book using our computerized inventory system.

You agree to sell your book at the same retail price throughout all outlets (including copies you might sell yourself).

Please DO NOT leave copies of books at the store for review. Eight Cousins will not be responsible for keeping track of books left at the store without a contract. 

Please do not contact us for re-ordering. We will initiate re-stocking orders as needed.


First, congratulations! We are well aware of the enormous amount of effort that writing and completing a book can take. We commend you for the effort, care, and creativity that you have already dedicated to this project. Now for the hard part: sales!

1. Quality is vital. Good writing along with creative and intelligent ideas are important, but in this case we mean quality of the material product. Spelling, grammar, and typesetting are extremely important. Consider hiring an external editor or graphic designer. Remember that traditional authors have entire teams of people behind them and readers have high expectations. If you are expecting readers to pay the same price for your book as they would for a book from a major publishing house, it is vital that your book meet these expectations. Assemble your own team to ensure that your book is of the highest quality.

2. No matter what they say, we all know that cover art is important and that people will judge!

3. Your book should be priced at or below the cost of other books of its size and sort. When negotiating for the production of your book, be sure to take pricing into account. Remember that you will be expected to pay at least the industry standard (42%) to stores who stock your book.

4. Greater success comes from a wide array of author-coordinated promotion, so remember to include marketing and advertising costs in your budget.

5. Social media is an excellent, and rather inexpensive, way to publicize your book. Feel free to link to our Facebook page to let your followers know that they can purchase your book at our store. In turn, we will be happy to reciprocate. If you have additional events or news that you would like us to share, please email us.

6. You are also welcome to contribute occasional posts to our store blog. If your post is accepted, it will be subject to internal editing guidelines. You will receive notice of changes before the blog is posted and can accept or reject changes. We do not pay for digital content and we retain the right to reproduce it across platforms; however, anything you produce for us will remain your personal intellectual property. Please contact us for details.

7. Advertising rates for the Falmouth Enterprise are located on their website. Traditional advertising is more costly than digital advertising, but can be very effective, especially for books with local interest. Also, consider sending out press releases, review copies, and other promotional materials to local newspapers and online media outlets.

8. Promote. Promote. Promote. Reach out to local civic organizations. Send notices to your high school and college alumni associations. Tell your friends and family where they can buy your book. Generate that all-important buzz that drives sales.

If you would like to propose innovative and creative advertising possibilities, please email us at events@eightcousins.com.


1. Eight Cousins generally does not have the capacity to host self-published author events.

2. Exceptions will be considered for the following: books with local interest and events that contain pre-planned activities for kids. If you have devised an activity in conjunction with your book that is appropriate for a small audience, please email us with a proposal.

3. Self-published authors are expected to assist with publicity and promotional materials for all events held at Eight Cousins.


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