Wish Lists

Our Wish List feature allows you to create a collection of books that you can easily keep track of!


Wish Lists are great options for:

1. Baby showers

2. Birthdays and holidays

3. Building a classroom library

4. Non-profit organizations

5. Personalized TBR (to be read) lists!


How to Make and Use Your Own Wish Lists:

1. To begin, create a free Eight Cousins account or log in with your username and password if you already have an existing account.

2. When viewing a book or product, an "Add to Wish List" button appears next to the "Add to Cart" button. Once you click "Add to Wish List," you have the option to add the item to a Wish List you have already created, or create and name a new Wish List.

3. To access your Wish Lists, click on "My Account," which is located on the far left of the menu bar, below the search bar. Under My Account, you will see a "Wish List" tab that will bring you to "My Wish List(s)." Here, you can view Wish Lists, or create a new one.


Share Your Wish List with Friends and Family:

1. Via email

2. With the webpage link


Search for Your Wish List:

On our website under "Find a Wish List" using a keyword, name, or email address associated with your account.

Note: if your Wish List is set to 'Private,' this feature does not apply, although private Wish Lists can still be shared.


Purchases made online direcly from your Wish List will appear as fulfilled to avoid duplicates. 


Books from a Wish List can be shipped individually, as a group, or collected at Eight Cousins for pick-up.


Ask for assistance!

If would like any help setting up or using our Wish List feature, please email us at books@eightcousins.com!